Invitation to a Lecture at Emory University on American and Israeli Dance

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Video: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performing Ohad Naharin’s Decadance

If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia – or if you know someone in Atlanta – here’s a heads up:

I’m happy to announce that I am speaking in the Emory Friends of Dance Lecture Series on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).  My talk, Foreign Exchange: American and Israeli Dance from Martha Graham to Ohad Naharin, will precede a performance by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet of Ohad Naharin’s Decadance.  I won’t be in Atlanta in person, but I will be speaking via Skype and have an exciting presentation prepared!

Cedar Lake performing Ohad Naharin’s Decadance.  Photo by Paul B. Goode.

Here’s the official blurb about my lecture:

Forty years ago, Israel’s premiere dance company imported works by top American choreographers.  Now cutting-edge American troupes like Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet are drawing crowds with choreography by Israeli artists.  In this lecture, dance scholar Deborah Friedes Galili explores the dynamic relationship between American and Israeli dance and traces the meteoric rise of Israeli contemporary dance.  This lecture will be presented live from Israel via webcam prior to the performance by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

Cedar Lake performing Ohad Naharin’s Decadance.  Photo by Paul B. Goode.

My lecture is free and open to the public, so if you’re in Atlanta, I hope you will come listen in the Chase Lobby at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, 1700 N. Decatur Road.  I will speak for one half hour, and then there will be a question and answer session.  Please let others know about this event as well!

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  • Hi Deborah,

    I am going to Atlanta next week to perform and then visit friends dancing in Cedar Lake; however, we arrive in Atlanta at 8pm! I am researching Israeli Contemporary dance for my senior project so I am very intrigued with your presentation! The movement was actually a collaboration with Jesse Zaritt. He referred me to your website and I have been intrigued ever since.

    Will you be able to document your presentation and the following questions?
    I do wish I could be there!

    Thank you for all you had done!

    • Hi Amy,
      Maybe try checking in with Emory to see if they’re recording the lecture; I’m not sure what’s happening on their end, but it’s worth a try (especially if you’re down there!). I’m hopefully going to audio record on my side for posterity’s sake, and regardless, what I will say is essentially set (up until the Q&A, of course!). If you have specific questions, you’re welcome to contact me at any point!

    • Hi Celine,
      As of right now, it won’t be possible to listen online, and I haven’t decided whether or not I will publish some or all of the text here . . . I’d love to give this lecture or a variation on it in some other places, so if you ever know of someplace that might be interested in it, let me know! If you have specific questions about the material in the lecture, you’re welcome to ask.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes too –


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