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Dance In Israel joins the DanceBloggers.com community!

Posted on 10 December 2008 by Deborah Friedes Galili

Shortly after I started blogging, I found the desire and the need to follow other dance blogs on a regular basis.  I was eager to discover other dance bloggers and connect with them; I hoped that online, I might find a community feeling similar to what I had always enjoyed in the studio.

Three issues arose as I explored the dance blogosphere from my initial vantage point:

  • It wasn’t always easy to find dance bloggers, even though we exist (really!)
  • Once I found other dance bloggers, following their posts by entering their sites individually (every day) became very time consuming and tiring.
  • I still wanted to connect more easily to other dance bloggers and readers – especially since I was halfway around the world from most of the people I met online!

I hope to see these issues resolved through the introduction of a new website that is bringing dance bloggers together: www.DanceBloggers.com

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