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Shortly after I started blogging, I found the desire and the need to follow other dance blogs on a regular basis.  I was eager to discover other dance bloggers and connect with them; I hoped that online, I might find a community feeling similar to what I had always enjoyed in the studio.

Three issues arose as I explored the dance blogosphere from my initial vantage point:

  • It wasn’t always easy to find dance bloggers, even though we exist (really!)
  • Once I found other dance bloggers, following their posts by entering their sites individually (every day) became very time consuming and tiring.
  • I still wanted to connect more easily to other dance bloggers and readers – especially since I was halfway around the world from most of the people I met online!

I hope to see these issues resolved through the introduction of a new website that is bringing dance bloggers together:

What is is a central hub for people who blog about dance in English. The site will help dance bloggers connect and follow the dance blogosphere; it will also allow people interested in dance and blogging to learn more about the field.

How does Dance Bloggers operate?

This site will aggregate feeds from participating dance blogs.  The beginnings of each participating blog’s posts will automatically be displayed on the main page; when someone clicks on a post to read more, he or she will be redirected to the original blog.  All participating blogs will have links in the “Contributors” section of our sidebar and in the Dance Bloggers Directory.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage (click on in for a larger image):

What can Dance In Israel readers gain by tuning into Dance Bloggers?

The screen shot above highlights each of these three benefits:

  • Follow: Subscribe to daily e-mails featuring teasers of posts from many dance blogs.
  • Connect: Become a friend of Dance Bloggers to connect and share thoughts on our wall thanks to Google Friend Connect (just like in Facebook).
  • Participate: If you are also a dance blogger, you can submit your blog and gain visibility.

Want to see more about Google Friend Connect so you can use it on Dance Bloggers and Dance In Israel?

(Video: Introducing Google Friend Connect)

Want to support Dance Bloggers?

Please share this with your friends via e-mail and Facebook!

* * *

Full disclosure and thanks: My partner Tal and I started Dance Bloggers, and above is an edited excerpt of the Dance Bloggers About page.

I’m also grateful to Kristin Sloan and The Winger – a collection of dance professionals blogging on one site – which first hooked me into the larger dance blogosphere.


  • Dear Deborah,

    What a wonderful discovery! I’ve submitted my blog and podcast info and have subscribed. Tomorrow, I will add your new site to my blog’s lineup and post an announcement.

    Wishing you all the best with your new venue! Greetings from New York!

    Eva Yaa Asantewaa
    Body and Soul

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