Noa Dar Discusses Her Dance Career (Podcast)

Posted on 02 September 2009 by Deborah Friedes Galili

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Noa Dar in "Arnica"

Noa Dar in Arnica.  Photo by Tamar Lam.

(This podcast was initially produced for Israel Seen in 2008, and the text is amended from my writing on The Winger.  You can subscribe to this podcast using the iTunes software by clicking this link to the podcast feed.)

* * *

I had spent many evenings during my Fulbright year taking contemporary dance classes with Shlomit Fundaminsky and Inbal Aloni at Noa Dar’s studio in Tel Aviv, but when I entered the building one night for a performance of Noa’s Tetris, it was as if I had walked into another world. When I viewed Arnica a month later in the more traditional environment of Tel Aviv’s Tmuna Theater, I not only saw Noa’s range as a choreographer but was struck by her powerful presence as a performer.  After screening more of her work on DVD, I knew I had to meet the woman whose name graced the space where I so frequently took class!

We set up a meeting, and at long last I met Noa in her studio for a stimulating conversation.  During our interview, Noa reflected on the development of her movement vocabulary, the evolution of her repertory, her choreographic process, and the relationship of her work to her upbringing on a kibbutz and to the larger Israeli society.  It was a really rich discussion that, for me, further illuminated her well-crafted choreography while shedding even more light on the surrounding contexts of Israeli dance and Israeli culture.   I hope it will open your eyes as well!

* * *

Noa Dar is currently on tour with Arnica and Tetris in Frankfurt and Münster, Germany, through September 9th.  For video clips and photos of these works and more, please see below.

Video: Noa Dar’s Arnica (Dar performs the second solo)

Noa Dar

Noa DarPhoto by Eldad Refaeli.

Noa Dar's "Tetris"

Noa Dar’s Tetris.  Photo by Tamar Lam.

Video: Noa Dar’s Tetris

"In A Black Black Land"

Noa Dar’s In a Dark, Dark Land.  Photo by Tamar Lam.

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*This post was made possible thanks to a Fulbright student grant funded by the U.S.-Israel Educational Foundation and hosted by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Jim Clyne Says:

    love the costumes

    keep up the good work

  2. kristin sloan Says:

    i remember reading about tetris a while ago and being fascinated. looks really interesting!

  3. Rony Gleicher Says:

    I saw Tetris and Arnica twice . Really an amazing performances. Noa Dar is a wonderful choreographr and a performance as well.

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