Interview with Barak Marshall: Dancing between Israel and America (Podcast) (Part 1)

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Barak Marshall in "Aunt Leah"

Barak Marshall in Aunt Leah.  Photo courtesy of Barak Marshall.

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When we sat down to talk in January 2009, I discovered that a conversation with Barak Marshall is very similar to his choreography: fast-paced, peppered with diverse cultural references, and chock-full of attention-grabbing details. These qualities had captured my eye when I saw the premiere of Monger, and when I saw a rare restaging of Barak’s first work, Aunt Leah, I realized these were hallmarks of his craft since the day he stepped into the studio.

As we cafe-hopped in bustling central Tel Aviv during a Friday afternoon, Barak and I delved into a deep, lively discussion covering both his own choreography and the larger context of contemporary dance.  Join us for the first part of our interview as Barak talks about his background, his connection to Inbal Dance Theater and Yemenite dance, and the trajectory of his early career from the making of Aunt Leah to his appointment as the house choreographer for Batsheva Dance Company in 1999.  Barak, who splits his time between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, also reflects on the development of Israeli contemporary dance and differences between the dance scenes in Israel and the U.S.

Work by Barak Marshall

Barak Marshall’s Emma Goldman’s Wedding.  Photo courtesy of Barak Marshall.

Barak Marshall's "Land of Sad Oranges"

Barak Marshall’s Emma Goldman’s Wedding.  Photo courtesy of Barak Marshall.

Margalit OvedMargalit Oved

From left: Margalit Oved in Barak Marshall’s The Land of Sad Oranges (photo courtesy of Barak Marshall); Margalit Oved in Barak Marshall’s Rooster (photo by Adi Mazan)

In our interview, Barak explained that his mother, Inbal Dance Theater star Margalit Oved, often served as a Greek chorus in his works.  Now Margalit is reprising this role in Barak’s new Rooster, which premieres on November 12-13, 2009 as part of Tel Aviv Dance 2009. 

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