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The cover of the second edition of Dance Today.  Courtesy of Ruth Eshel.

Dancers and budding researchers often ask me where they can find more writing about dance in Israel.  One of the most invaluable resources I have drawn upon here is Machol Achshav, known in English as Dance Today – the dance magazine of Israel. Published since the year 2000, the journal not only reflects upon the development of Israeli contemporary dance over the last decade but also features articles about other genres ranging from folk dance to ballet, approaches to dance pedagogy, and dance history both in Israel and abroad. 

The cover of Dance Today 17. Courtesy of Ruth Eshel.

The 19 issues of Dance Today published to date have included articles by well-known authors including Dr. Ruth Eshel (the journal’s founder and editor), Dr. Henia Rottenberg (who co-edited volumes 14-18), Gaby Aldor, Dr. Dina Roginsky, Dr. Dan Ronen, and Giora Manor.  Although Dance Today is primarily a Hebrew-language journal, each issue also includes an article in English.

To read through the index of Dance Today, which includes both the articles fully translated into English and the English titles of articles which appear in Hebrew, click on the link below to download a Word document.

English index of Dance Today 1-19

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  • Excellent article. There is such a wonderful and diverse culture in Israel. The dance there is truly one of a kind and amazing to watch. Especially when it brings in the local cultures.


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